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Who is Megafone?

Megafone is a mobile phone and tablet recycler and distributor. We recycle thousands of used devices annually, repairing and refurbishing as many as we can and ultimately keeping good technology in use and out of landfill. Where a device is beyond repair, we maximise the number of spare parts harvested from old phones and tablets for the repair industry, again with the objective of reusing as much as possible and reducing the amount of electronic waste (WEEE).

Why is Megafone different?

We pay above average market rates for iPhones, iPads and Samsung devices and we won’t gouge you on price. We know that many buy back companies, including some of the big names (you know who you are!)

How do I sell my iPhone?

It’s super easy to sell your iPhone. We’ll give you an instant quote, which is valid for 7 days and a Freepost label. You can print it at home or request one to be posted out to you. Then all you need to do is sign out of iCloud and erase your device, by following our guide. Then pack you phone securely and drop it off at the Post Office. Once we get your phone, we’ll check it and test it and then process your payment.

Is it safe to sell my iphone?

Totally safe! All of your data is encrypted on your device already and our simple how simple guide explains how to fully erase it and return your phone to factory settings. We’ll provide you with a Freepost label to send your phone to us, which includes tracking and insurance. When we receive your phone or tablet, we fully erase it again to make sure all personal data is permanently and irreversibly deleted. This is done with a specialist cryptographic and DOD3 level erasure software, meaning that once we reprocess and recycle your device, it would be impossible to retrieve any of your data.

How do I prepare my iphone for sale?

Great question! We’ve created two simple how to guides to help you prepare your phone. For Apple iPhones and iPads and Samsung devices. If you get stuck, don't worry, just send us a message and we'll try our best to help!

Latest Reviews

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Great price and smooth process. No haggling, got paid quickly. Happy to recommend Megafone!

John Higgins
Manchester, United Kingdom

We sold our daughters old phone through them and they where quick and easy. We sent in our phone and was paid the same day they received it. When its time for my next upgrade I will use them again.

London, United Kingdom

They received my phone and like they promised I was paid the same day! I am very happy and pleased with Megafone!

Reading, United Kingdom